We're looking for new hosts to add to our SNKRS LIVE roster. Could it be you?
Please submit by 9/5.
Questions? scroll to the bottom for FAQs!
Not a Nike employment opportunity. Host will be contracted on a per-appearance basis through a Nike agency partner.

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Thanks for your interest and submission. If the fit is right, our crew will reach out to you shortly with more info!



Is on-camera / media experience a requirement?

On-camera and/or media experience is not required to become a host, but it is of course relevant. Not having on-camera or media experience, will not immediately disqualify applicants.

Why do you need to know my age?

You must be an adult to apply (18+). While being over 22 is not a restriction for this opportunity, it is a factor in the selection process.

Is living in or near NYC’s 5 boroughs a requirement?

Living in or near NYC’s 5 boroughs is required as production and filming takes place in Manhattan.

What is the selection process?

Host applications will be reviewed by a committee, and selected applicants will be invited for live interviews and on-camera auditions in a Manhattan-based studio. From the audition process, hosts will be selected and contacted for future opportunities.

Will there be future opportunities for hosts outside the 5 boroughs of NYC?

There may be future opportunities for hosts outside the 5 boroughs of NYC. Keep an eye out in the space for any future announcements.

Is this a paid opportunity?

Hosts will be paid for their services on a per-appearance basis.